Our society

The Dutch Society for Medical Ultrasound aims to promote basic and applied research – as well as promoting the application of the results – in the field of Medical Ultrasound. The society accomplishes this by:

1. Promoting and optimizing relations and communication between researchers in the field of Medical Ultrasound.

2. Promoting collaboration between researchers in the field of Medical Ultrasound.

3. Organizing – or cooperating in organizing – readings, lectures, meetings, courses and/or tours.

4. Publishing its activities.

5. Establishing and maintaining relationships with organizations , institutions and agencies at national and international level, whose activities are directed or co-directed towards a similar or related purpose, in particular the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 

The main activity is the bi-annual meeting that is hosted by one of the participating Universities, Hospitals and/or Companies. These meetings are characterized by high quality presentations with stimulating discussions.